Time damping theory

Time damping refers to the effect that matter is damped in the gravitational field, resulting in the slow time velocity of matter.

Any matter cutting the gravitational field will produce time damping, which will slow down the time of the object. Microscopically, it means that the motion period or frequency of various particles slows down and the displacement decreases, which is similar to the damping effect when a strong magnet approaches a conductor; The gravitational field has a direction and flows in the direction of gravity or in the opposite direction of gravity. Objects on the earth will be passively cut by gravity, resulting in time damping, which is consistent with the effect of time slowing down caused by gravity in general relativity. In addition, when objects move at high speed, it will also lead to changes in cutting effect. For example, satellites cut the gravitational field at a faster speed, This is consistent with the moving clock delay of special relativity.

The above explanation of “cutting” refers to any movement relative to the gravitational field (the gravitational field itself is also flowing)

The word “cutting” comes from “cutting magnetic induction line”. After the unification of gravitational field and electromagnetic field, it may also be possible to use “cutting”

Attachment: what is time? Time is not only the change of material (frequency, displacement, etc.), but also people’s feeling (aging, heartbeat, etc.).

Simply put, time is linked to the speed of light, which is why the speed of light remains the same!

Time flow rate: the rate at which time passes

The speed of light is the velocity of time

Because the gravitational field strength has a lower limit, the time velocity has an upper limit.

In other words, the time velocity can decelerate infinitely, but can not accelerate infinitely.

Similar to the “absolute 0 degree” of temperature, there is a maximum time flow rate.

The theory of time damping does not discuss: mass increase and scale reduction. It is considered that they are just mathematical games without derivation and explanation

Time damping is not absolutism, but also relativity. This paper discusses the difference of time velocity between two objects

Time damping is not a damping that reduces energy

The meaning of gravitational field is different from that of the existing “gravitational field”. I suggest changing the name. I don’t know what it is called. It’s called “gravitational field · 2021”

empty 检查一个变量是否为空

var存在,并且是一个非空非零的值时返回 false 否则返回 true.


  • "" (空字符串)
  • 0 (作为整数的0)
  • 0.0 (作为浮点数的0)
  • "0" (作为字符串的0)
  • null
  • false
  • array() (一个空数组)
  • $var; (一个声明了,但是没有值的变量)