$realpath_root 和 $document_root 区别


an absolute pathname corresponding to the root or alias directive’s value for the current request, with all symbolic links resolved to real paths



root or alias directive’s value for the current request

$document_root 是root或alias指定的值

ln -s 两次无限递归问题:给目录创建两次软链接会出现无限递归


ln -s /var/www/php/ /mnt/www/blog
# 第一次会创建出“/mnt/www/blog -> /var/www/php/” 这个软链接
ln -s /var/www/php/ /mnt/www/blog
# 第二次会创建出“/var/www/php/php -> /var/www/php/” 这个软链接
# 第三次会提示 File exists


[ ! -e /mnt/www/blog ] && ln -s /var/www/php /mnt/www/blog

DbMySQLQuery.resultFieldStringValueByName(): MySQL_ResultSet::isNull: invalid value of ‘columnLabel’

The proposed solution “[3 Feb 16:10] Adam Latchem” worked for me, in the context of MySQL Workbench connecting to a MariaDB database. The fix (for definiteness) is to edit the file C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Workbench 8.0 CE\modules\wb_admin_connections.py at line 346, to change it from

("DB", mforms.StringColumnType, "DB", 100),


("db", mforms.StringColumnType, "DB", 100),

(note change of case in first argument).